Heat Pump City of the Year 2018 – Award Ceremony

May. 23, 2018 – Serena Scotton

On the 16th May 2018 in Vienna, we celebrated the 8th edition of the Heat Pump City of the Year Award. In this spectacular location and with all the attendees of the Decarbcities conference, it was the perfect time to hand over the prizes.

For the 2018 edition, EHPA received 26 applications from all over Europe. In order to give more importance to each one of the applications, EHPA decided to add 3 special categories to the main awards:

DecarBuilding (residential and commercial)
Next Generation Heat Pump

For the #HPCY2018, the winner was Triple Aqua which developed a project for the town of Veere(NL). The Jury of experts was very impressed by the innovative and forward-looking approach showed by Veere. The town was the first in the Netherlands to stop the use of natural gas. Furthermore they moved from 24444 m3 gas/annum usage (2016) simply to ZERO in 2017, reduced its HVAC energy consumption by 30% and passed from 43.5 to zero Tons CO2 emissions.

For the #DecarbIndustry category the winner is Zent-Frenger with the project “Deutsche Bahn ICE-Maintenance depot” in Cologne (Nippes). The jury was particularly impressed by their use of groundwater as the main energy source for the cooling system, reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions (1245t CO2 per year).

For the #DecarBuilding category, the winner is Best Green with a project “Resilience House” developed in the city of Vejle (DK). Best Green (winner of the HPCY award 2016) helped the city of Vejle to shift from fossil fuel by using geothermal heat pumps to cover heating and hot water production and energy storage to accumulate a large amount of cooling energy during the winter. One of the aspects that convinced the jury of experts to vote for this application is that they have been able to reduce the total costs per kWh of energy produced,  by the 25- 30%!

For the #Next GenerationHeatPump category the winner is the Nathan Group which presented a project developed in the city of Arnhem(NL). The city decided to renovate 96 houses in order to make them Zero Energy Buildings.The Nathan Group implemented an innovative solution which included insulation, windows replacement, solar panels and air/water heat pump (for heating and hot water production).  Last year houses have generated as much energy as they have consumed.

Just before the end of the ceremony, EHPA decided to surprise the audience by handing-over another prize…

A new category was officially launched to award the best international action. The first winner is the city of Beijing represented by China Heat Pump Alliance. The project presented “Clear skies of Beijing- Coal-fired boiler replacement in Beijing rural area”, was awarded for its particular engagement and the effort in reducing air pollution using heat pumps.

EHPA would like to thank all the applicants and members of the jury that contributed to making this edition another success!!

To see all the pictures of the ceremony, Please click here.