Innovative solutions and best practices

  • Turnova
    The main purpose was to revitalize the city center and make the entire site accessible for all to enjoy.
    This project had several goals: 1) improve energy efficiency and cut GHG emissions by harvesting clean energy both for heating and cooling (planet perspective); 2) demonstrate new solutions (innovative perspective),…
  • Moholt 50|50
    Use of CLT reduces the CO2 emissions more than 50% compared to a traditional steel and concrete building
  • Combined Data and Heat
    The project is a total heat recovery project to utilize exhausted heat from large scale Datacenter as clean and low cost raw energy to produce by heat pumps district heat…
  • Energicentralen
    Energicentralen and the Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage are an equal partnership between Bjerringbro Varmeværk (the local district heating plant) and Grundfos. Energicentralen is a jointly owned district heating plant which…
  • PHAC system
    To use the electricity when it’s available AND locally/off grid (PV-panels), to reduce the amount of electricity needed (run the heatpump only for cooling) and last-but-not-least to reduce the load…
  • Municipality of Etten-Leur
    The Municipality of Etten-Leur has been performing a policy in the field of sustainable building and energy saving for a long time.
  • Waste water heat Amstetten
    This project using waste water heat as a heat source for heat pumps is an Austrian pilot project which aims to explore and to optimize the use of waste heat…
  • Coal fired boiler replacement in Beijing rural area
    The PM2.5 Beijing decreased from 110ug/m3 to 58ug/m3. Blue skies showed up again in winter of Beijing in 2017. In 2016 and 2017, the coal fired boiler replace program, “coal…
  • Heat pumps in Vienna – a heat pump promotion stategy in a fast growing city
    Cities all over the world are growing and they currently cause 75 % of the CO2 emissions. In the future, Vienna wants to reduce the use of fossils – which…
  • Decarb Garden city
    Decarbonization has to include buildings for the middle and lower class – efficient heat pump systems make it possible
    Olot Town Council, in partnership with Gas Natural Fenosa and Wattia, have launched a pioneering sustainable energy project in Spain. The system will supply highly efficient and sustainable heating, cooling…
  • Drammen Fjernvarme
    In 2009 the growing population of Drammen led to a reconstruction of the heating system in order to meet the growing heat demand.