Innovative solutions and best practices

  • Turnova
    The main purpose was to revitalize the city center and make the entire site accessible for all to enjoy.
  • 2019 – HPCY BEST7 in EU-GUGLE
    This project had several goals: 1) improve energy efficiency and cut GHG emissions by harvesting clean energy both for heating and cooling (planet perspective); 2) demonstrate new solutions (innovative perspective),…
  • Moholt 50|50
    Use of CLT reduces the CO2 emissions more than 50% compared to a traditional steel and concrete building
  • Combined Data and Heat
    The project is a total heat recovery project to utilize exhausted heat from large scale Datacenter as clean and low cost raw energy to produce by heat pumps district heat…
  • Energicentralen
    Energicentralen and the Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage are an equal partnership between Bjerringbro Varmeværk (the local district heating plant) and Grundfos. Energicentralen is a jointly owned district heating plant which…
  • Fast Track Heat Pump Roll Out in Hylke
    Phase out of fossil fuels in the Danish city ‘Hylke’ with an innovative business model which addresses the barriers for heat pump implementation.
  • PHAC system
    To use the electricity when it’s available AND locally/off grid (PV-panels), to reduce the amount of electricity needed (run the heatpump only for cooling) and last-but-not-least to reduce the load…
  • Municipality of Etten-Leur
    The Municipality of Etten-Leur has been performing a policy in the field of sustainable building and energy saving for a long time.
  • Waste water heat Amstetten
    This project using waste water heat as a heat source for heat pumps is an Austrian pilot project which aims to explore and to optimize the use of waste heat…
  • Coal fired boiler replacement in Beijing rural area
    The PM2.5 Beijing decreased from 110ug/m3 to 58ug/m3. Blue skies showed up again in winter of Beijing in 2017. In 2016 and 2017, the coal fired boiler replace program, “coal…
  • Heat pumps in Vienna – a heat pump promotion stategy in a fast growing city
    Cities all over the world are growing and they currently cause 75 % of the CO2 emissions. In the future, Vienna wants to reduce the use of fossils – which…
  • Decarb Garden city
    Decarbonization has to include buildings for the middle and lower class – efficient heat pump systems make it possible
    Olot Town Council, in partnership with Gas Natural Fenosa and Wattia, have launched a pioneering sustainable energy project in Spain. The system will supply highly efficient and sustainable heating, cooling…
  • Drammen Fjernvarme
    In 2009 the growing population of Drammen led to a reconstruction of the heating system in order to meet the growing heat demand.
  • New Dairy Bergen
    We have worked to find the most modern solutions for energy use and the environment. In order to achieve this reduction, TINE will for the first time build a plant…
  • Zero Energy Homes Arnhem
    In Arnhem 96 homes have been renovated to Zero Energy level by adding a new outer shell including insulation, replacing the windows and completely replacing all technical installations by our…
  • Deutsche Bahn ICE – Maintenance depot in Cologne (Nippes)
    The maintenance depot is heated or cooled by a system consisting of several heat pump modules (including hydraulics). The used Zent-Frenger system has a cooling capacity of up to 3.9…
  • Town Hall Veere NL
    The town Hall of Veere wanted to move from 24444 m3 gas/annum usage (2016) simply to ZERO in 2017.
  • Resilience House
    Deliver heating and cooling for Resilience House – a 2.600 m2 innovation- and education center.